Fix Amazon Prime Video

You’ve kicked back to catch the most recent show on Amazon Prime, however, Amazon Prime Video has stopped operating. The show has disappeared, and instead, you discover yourself viewing a blank screen.

What does one do next? Well, in some cases, you may be able to fix Amazon Prime Video yourself. during this article, we’ll try and assist you to fix Amazon Prime Video once it stops operating.

amazon prime customer service Is Your Amazon Prime Video Account Active?

If Amazon Prime isn’t operating, the primary factor to see is your account standing. you almost certainly grasp that Amazon Prime Video isn’t 100% free. You’ll either have access to that via the annual Amazon Prime subscription, or the monthly video-only subscription.

To check if your account is active, head to Amazon’s Your Account page, then your Prime Video Settings. you’ll conjointly manage alternative aspects of your Prime Video subscription here.

Does Your Device Meet the Minimum Requirements?

Next, you wish to verify the minimum needs for your device. For sensible TVs and set-top boxes, the necessities can stay unchanged. this implies that if the device has associate degree Amazon Prime Video app accessible it ought to work. If not, and you’ve checked the opposite troubleshooting things on this page, you’ll get to contact the manufacturer.

For desktop computers, make sure that your package meets the minimum requirements:

  • Windows seven or newer
  • Mac OS ten.7 or newer
  • Linux/UNIX operational systems conjointly supported

Meanwhile, your web association ought to be at least:

  • 900 Kbits/sec for traditional Definition (SD) video
  • 3.5 Mbits/sec for top Definition (HD) videos

The web browser you employ is additionally necessary. If there’s no dedicated Amazon Prime Video app for your OS, you’ll get to read videos within the browser. Your application program ought to be:

  • Google Chrome (version fifty-nine or newer)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version fifty-three or newer)
  • Microsoft web adventurer (version eleven or newer)
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows ten
  • Apple hunting expedition (version ten or newer on Macintosh OS ten.12.1 or newer)
  • Opera (version thirty-seven or newer)

If Amazon Prime Video meets the minimum settings, you must have already used the following pointers to boost Amazon Prime Video streaming.

8 Essential Amazon Prime Video Tips to Supercharge Your Streaming

Amazon often adds new options to create Prime Video a lot of compelling. Here area unit some helpful Amazon Prime Video tips to grasp.

Is It a Microsoft Silverlight Problem?

Even if you have got adequate network speeds and an appropriate package and browser, Amazon Prime Video would possibly fail. On older PCs that don’t have HTML5 support within the browser, video is competing for victimization Microsoft Silverlight.

This media plugin will run into issues enjoying streamed video files from time to time. to repair this, with the video window open in your browser, right-click and choose Silverlight. Here, choose Application Storage then check to alter application storage. within the web site column, notice the entry “”—select this and Delete.

In most cases, Silverlight won’t be a difficulty because it is previous technology.

Dealing with Mobile Amazon Prime Video problems

Are you running Amazon Prime Video on your mobile? Dedicated apps area unit accessible for humanoid and iOS; meantime, Prime Video is constitutional on pill devices (and fireplace TV).

Whichever possibility you’re victimization, you’ll notice that the apps update mechanically. sometimes this can keep bugs and errors trapped, however you will get to take matters into your own hands.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video on iOS

On iPhone and iPad, fix problems with Amazon Prime Video that area unit unconnected together with your network by uninstalling the app.

Find the Prime Video icon and long-press it. faucet the X and look forward to the app to be uninstalled. Then restart and install Prime Video from the App Store.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video on humanoid?

Are you running Amazon Prime Video on Android? you have got 2 choices for checking out any issues with the app.

  1. From the house, the screen attends Settings > Application Manager > Prime Video. Then, faucet Storage > Clear information and ensure with OK. try the video.
  2. If this doesn’t work, strive to reinstall the app. Use Settings > Application Manager > Prime Video > Uninstall. Restart your phone, then install the app.

With this all sorted, you must notice that your Amazon Prime Video issues have terminated. At the terribly least, you’ll grasp the matter doesn’t reside together with your mobile app.

Fix Amazon Prime Video on Your TV or Set-top Box?

Reinstalling a mobile app is simple enough—but what if the app is on your TV or set-top box? Things area unit a bit completely different, however whenever error messages seem or playback is problematic, you must restart the TV.

By “restart” we tend to mean switch and power up once more, instead of merely place the device in standby. To do this, you must notify the ability button on the rear of your TV. Its value disconnecting it from the mains offer too.

Amazon Prime Video apps on TVs and set-top boxes are reset by clearing the information cache. however, you are doing this can depend upon the platform, however, you must have the choice to access the app settings. Explore the menu or check the device manual for facilitating this.

Eventually, you must notify the choices to Clear information and Clear cache. Use these to influence the app to figure. Note that you’ll in all probability got to sign in to the app once more once it restarts.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Server problems?

General server problems will cause issues with Amazon Prime Video from time to time.

Usually, these don’t last too long, however, such an occasion will wipe out that evening of binge-watching box sets you had planned. to see if your Amazon Prime Video drawback is caused by Amazon servers, you’ll strive the following:

  • Log onto Amazon Prime Video on a distinct device: if Amazon Prime Video is down thereon device too, the problem in all probability exists on Amazon’s finish.
  • Use a service like to see if Amazon is offline or experiencing issues.

Amazon Prime Video Error Codes to see?

In alternative eventualities, issues together with your streaming video from Amazon can lead to error codes. Let’s explore a number of the foremost common.

Amazon Prime Video’s “Insufficient Bandwidth” Error?

As noted on top of, the minimum network speed for Amazon Prime Video is 900 Kbits/sec. this can deliver normal definition (SD) video, which is sometimes enough for smaller displays.

It shouldn’t surprise you to be told that property problems will cause issues with Amazon Prime Video streams. whereas you’ll alter a video’s quality settings (see the video’s Settings option) alternative problems area unit attainable.

A common drawback is that the “Insufficient Bandwidth” error. This displays if Amazon declares your association to own low information measure. If this happens, check alternative streaming services, like YouTube or Netflix.

If you discover that they work, take the time to restart your router. Once done, restart the device you’re observance Amazon Prime Video on (whether TV, mobile device, PC, or whatever).

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 1060?

Usually preceded by the “wait” circle, Error Code 1060 sometimes seems with “Wait” and “Retry” choices. It’s sometimes caused by low information measure, thus check the association of your device together with your router. alternative devices on your network may be victimization the information measure, as would possibly neighboring properties on shared connections.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9074?

Amazon is nonetheless to unleash details of this code, thus we are able to solely speculate what it would mean. If you encounter it, strive for the fundamental troubleshooting tips of restarting your device and clearing the cache. conjointly take into account restarting the router.

Fix a CDN Error on Amazon Prime Video Apps?

Typically found on the fireplace Stick and fireplace TV, this error is expounded to issues accessing Amazon’s streaming servers.

To fix it, boot the device victimization the remote. merely hold the choose and Play buttons for a number of seconds to prompt the device to restart. Again, you must conjointly restart your router if the matter persists.

Get Amazon Prime Video operating once more?

In this article, we’ve checked out numerous reasons why Amazon Prime Video has stopped operating. to make sure the most effective performance, make certain to stay the app updated, and subscribe to a quick broadband package. you must conjointly position your streaming device on the brink of your router.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video once It’s Not operating

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